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Cinema chkoupi

Poster of the film Cinema chkoupi

Original title: Cinema chkoupi
Director: Bahia Allouache
Screenplay: Bahia Allouache
Genre: Feature
Casting: Nadjib Oulebsir, Nabil Asli, Amina Beldjoudi, Mohamed Bendaoud, Wassila Aridj-Bendaoud, Mabrouk Aït-Amara...
Duration: 100 minutes
Year of production: 2014

Synopsis: April 2013. Algiers, Algeria. Djamel an independent filmmaker asks Yasmine his ex-wife to write a script based on the Algerian political current affairs. Instead of that, the young woman starts writing a loopy story and mischievously settles a score with him...

Festivals and awards: CINEMED Montpellier, France - Maghreb des Films Paris, France - Festival Des Cinémas d’Afrique Lausanne, Suisse - Festival du Film Arabe de Fameck, France - Festival des Cinémas d’Afrique du Pays d'Apt, France - Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage, Tunisie - FIFOG Genève, Suisse / Prix Une Certaine Image...